PR Company with offices in Tokyo, New York, and Paris.



Fitting new pieces of puzzle

We believe that global business is similar to a thrilling jigsaw puzzle: overseas bringing in new puzzle pieces that are not in Japan. Making the new pieces fit perfectly with the existing puzzle is our goal.

In other words, our business modifies products/services (“pieces”) based on trends and specific cultures to effectively penetrate the market and fit the needs of the consumers (“puzzle”).

We continue to exceed beyond expectations as we are always striving to understand consumer demands through global trends and movements.

President, Toshimasa OGO


The Cylinder Logic

Imagine a cylinder on a desk: it looks like a rectangle from the side, but a circle from above. However, one can distinguish that the object is a cylinder from a distance. In other words, the same object could be perceived differently depending on the perspective one is looking from.

This cylinder logic could be applied in international communication and business as well. Miscommunication can easily arise when parties from different backgrounds interact. When misunderstandings occur, it is important to resolve the issue by looking at the matter from the same position or taking a step back to recognize their place and values.

At O planning, we apply the cylinder logic into our advertising or sales approach as well. Therefore, we continuously make an effort to generate solutions and strategies that are both objective and creative for our clients.


Tokyo Office

Company Name:O planning Co., Ltd.
Established:        October, 2007
President:            Toshimasa OGO
Capital:                 100,000 JPY
Bank:                     MUFG Bank
Address:                2-7 Daikanyama-cho, Suite 203
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0034

Contact:                 Tel: (+81) 03-6277-5975
Fax: (+81) 03-3770-9550

O planning Tokyo Office
New York Office

Company Name:O planning LLC
Established:         July, 2003
President:            Toshimasa OGO
Capital:                 100,000 USD
Bank:                     JP Morgan Chase Bank
Address:               390 Fifth Avenue Suite 904 New York, NY 10018
Contact:                Tel: (+1) 212-532-5665
Fax: 646-849-5315

Paris Office

Company Name:SaRL O MATSU france(AN JAPONAISE)
Established:         March, 2020
Address:               11 Rue Poissonniere, Paris 75002
Contact:                Tel: (0)-1-42-339174

Corporate Profile (JPN ver.)


September, 2001

Issued free newspaper for Japanese residents in New York
Intercultural Business

June, 2002

World Cup Speculating Event was established within the Japanese community in New York
Intercultural Business

August, 2003 NY

Founded O planning LLC in New York
NY Office opened on 30th St. 5th Avenue in Manhattan

April, 2006

Established promotion and sales business, “KDDI Mobile” (KDDI America), for Japanese residing in the United States
Sales Agency Business

October, 2007 Tokyo

Founded O planning Co., Ltd. in Minami-ku, Tokyo

November, 2007

Opened mobile phone retail shop “J-Plaza” (renamed to “America Keitaiya” in July 2018) in Manhattan, New York
Sales Agency Business


Directed multiple projects in business expansion and market entry into the United States
Overseas Expansion Business

February, 2008

Introduced outbound overseas communication service in Japan
Sales Agency Business

February, 2009 Tokyo

Tokyo Office relocated to Shibuya-ku (current address)

July, 2010

Started “New York Corporate Training”
Intercultural Business

February, 2011 NY

NY Office relocated to 36th St. 5th Avenue in Manhattan (current address)

September, 2011

Opened DJ school “IDPS” in Tokyo, Japan
Intercultural Business

September, 2011

Launched new inbound communication service for foreigners living in Japan
Sales Agency Business

November, 2012

Started operation of “New York Keizai Shinbun”
Intercultural Business

April, 2016

Opened DJ school “IDPS” in Osaka, Japan
Intercultural Business

Paris November, 2012

Business expansion to France
Opened Japanese bistro restaurant “AN Japonaise” in 2nd arrondissement in Paris, France
Intercultural Business