Oversea Business Outsourcing / REP

O planning undertakes necessary duties for overseas business establishments or expansions including representation, administrative work, and setting a virtual office. Our experienced professionals can assist in outsourcing overseas operations as well, since it is financially significantly more expensive to hire or expatriate employees.

Oversea Business Outsourcing

Our multilingual professionals offer comprehensive support for overseas business development (i.e., U.S. and France) including consulting business models, strategizing business developments, and handling transactions/contracts with other overseas companies.

  • Services:

  • ・Oversea Business Development and Sales Support

  • ・Branding Proposal

  • ・Promotional Strategy (Events & Digital)

  • ・Partnerships with Domestic Agencies and Companies

  • ・Translations

  • ・Deputized Sale Agency Service (Amazon, Physical Store Management) etc.

Management and Sales Representative

We operate as a management office and a REP (Sales Representative) necessary for exhibitions in the United States and France. Our multilingual professionals communicates transparently during client meetings as we efficiently work along with domestic companies/establishments, eliminating the complications of time differences.

  • Services:

  • ・Event and Operational Management

  • ・Exhibition Inquiry Agency

  • ・Sales Representative etc.

Virtual Office

We offer virtual office services necessary to start or expand businesses without setting up a physical office space. Our New York office address (5th Avenue, New York) and phone number can be rented; we can receive and store mails or packages as well.

  • Services:

  • ・Lend NYC office address/phone number

  • ・Receive and Store packages/documents (send via email)

  • ・Send packages to Japan etc.