Intercultural Business

We embody and operate unique businesses by utilizing a wide network and from a variety of perspective.


We operate a bistro restaurant that mainly uses Japanese ingredients in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris with the vision of "delivering delicious Japanese food to Paris."


With our trading experience, we import and bring "France" to Japan. Our products can be sold at a reasonable price because all operations and logistics are done in-house.

New York Keizai Shinbun

We manage a Japanese online media that covers news in business, culture, seasonal information, and event information in New York.

International DJ&
Production School “IDPS”

With the mission to “develop human resources with global mindsets and communication skills from the perspective of music,” we introduce a European-style curriculum that emphasizes THEORY, PRACTICE, and HISTORY.

New York Corporate Training Program

Since 2010, we have been running corporate training program in New York for Japanese university students with the vision of developing cultural and global human resources.